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Presentation about key lessons for Ukraine’s lobbying industry took place at America House

Presentation «Lobbying industry in America. Key lessons to learn for Ukraine» took place on August 5, 2016. The event was organized by Professional Lobbying and Advocacy Institute and America House Ukraine.

Presentation was aimed to give comprehensive analysis of lobbying industries in the USA and in Ukraine, draw parallels between the two and identify key tasks for lobbying industry in the latter. In order to ensure that these goals are met, following industry experts were invited: Dennis Bazilevych (Professional Lobbying and Advocacy Institute), Olena Prokopenko (Hill+Knowlton Strategies) and Oleksandr Guzenko (alumnus of public affairs and advocacy course at the American University, Washington DC)

There were approximately 60 attendees at the event. They had diverse backgrounds and different level of awareness about lobbying craft. Having acknowledged this factor, the presentation was specifically tailored to suit audience’s needs and disclose new information to each and every participant. Particularly, Mr. Oleksandr Guzenko opened the event with a general overview of lobbying industry in the United States. Olena Prokopenko took the baton and shared her professional experience exemplifying two particular cases that her employer Hill+Knowlton has dealt with previously. Dennis Bazilevych was the final speaker at the event. Based on key notes from earlier presenters, he gave a comprehensive summary of industries in two countries and drew key lessons to learn for Ukraine.

Presentation by each speaker was followed by Q&A sessions. Majority of questions were about lobbying ethics and legitimization of lobbying industry in Ukraine. 

Lobbying Industry in America. Key Lessons to Learn for Ukraine

Professional Lobbying and Advocacy Institute is pleased to support Roundtable "Lobbying in America. Key Lessons to Learn for Ukraine" which will take place on August 5th at the premises of America House Kyiv

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Lobbying is a delicate craft we think we know many things about. But really, do we? In most cases our perception of the industry and its representatives is formed by popular TV series, rumors or scandalous newspaper headlines. And, we have to admit it may not be the most accurate.

If you feel like the word «lobbying» arouses more questions than gives answers, come and join us on August 5th at America House.

The Art and Craft of Lobbying 2016: report from Ukrainian participants

This is not the first year that thanks to a joint program of the Professional Lobbying and Advocacy Institute in Ukraine and the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies of American University young Ukrainian specialists obtain an opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills in the craft of lobbying.

In 2016 the professional course "The Art and Craft of Lobbying" was attended by three participants from Ukraine: Andriy Lebedev (lifecell), Yuriy Bondaryev (National Organization of Retail Trade) and Oleksandr Guzenko (CFC Consulting); Overall there were 12 young professionals, most of them from the United States of America. Two-weeks course was held from May, 9 to May, 20, 2016 in Washington, DC.

This course study has been developed and improved for many years, and combines both elements of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. "The Art and Craft of Lobbying" is supervised by professors James Thurber and Patrick Griffin who have extensive theoretical and practical experience in this area.

To provide diversified review of lobbying industry, more than 20 specialists were invited to deliver the course and share details and aspects of their profession. Among them were companies representatives involved in direct lobbying, public relations, media relations, consulting, analytics, social media and others.

Inna Dzhurynska: Institutionalization of lobbying as one of the means to reduce corruption in Ukraine

Professional Lobbying and Advocacy Institute is pleased to present an academic article of Inna Dzhurynska on institutionalization of lobbying as one of the means to reduce corruption in Ukraine.

Inna is Deputy Director on Legal Issues in Greentech Energy Ltd. and a legal expert of USAID Leadership in Economic Governance Program. She has a broad range of experience in many areas of law, including energy, construction, M&A, taxation, banking and finance.

Inna Dzhurynska graduated with LLM from Odessa State University (1992), LLM in Energy Law and Policy from Dundee University, Center for Energy Petroleum, Mineral Law and Policy (2007), Master of Art in International Relations from Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (2015).

Currently Inna Dzhurynska is conducting a research on regulation how to reduce аn influence of financing on political making-decision process in Ukraine.

The full article is available here.

"Public Affairs and Advocacy Institute" - impressions from this year's participants from Ukraine

This year under joint program of the Professional Lobbying and Advocacy Institute in Ukraine and Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies, American University, two participants from Ukraine took part at course on professional lobbying and advocacy in USA.

Two-week professional training “Art and craft of lobbying” was held on 11-23 May 2015 in Washington, DC.

This course is for students and young professionals and aims to form consistent and strategic understanding of lobbying process, brief on tools used in advocacy campaigns as well as teach how to define the most efficient tools and use them based on your campaign’s goals and tasks.

On top of that, during the course significant attention was paid to ethical norms and rules in lobbying sphere.

Khrystyna Vilyura, this-year participant, share her impressions about the course: “Course on an art of lobbying is interesting for students who want to build their career in the lobbying as well as for young professionals.The program is built to give a theoretical base of profession and sphere and to learn how to use this knowledge.

More than 30 professionals – lobbyists and representatives of state authorities and NGOs shared their experience, case studies and decisions made in challenging situations. It is irreplaceable and crucial experience to have a conversation with these specialists who works with most powerful people in the world: congressmen, CEOs and owners of biggest world corporations, directors of largest international NGOs.

Transparency in Lobbying: Comparative Review of Existing and Emerging Regulatory Regimes

March 12: a Roundtable on Institualization of Lobbying in Ukraine


On Monday, March 12th, the American Chamber of Commerce hosted a Roundtable “Institualization of Lobbying in Ukraine: Prospects for Adoption of Legislation” that was held in conjunction with the USAID - Ohio State University Parliamentary Development Program (PDP II), the Professional Lobbying and Advocacy Institute and Arzinger Law Firm.

Opening the event, Chamber's President Jorge Zukoski welcomed the participants and stated that proper legislative framework of the lobbying activities in Ukraine is crucially important for establishing a productive dialog between the business community and the government.


Since efficient and transparent dialogue between business and government is one of the pillars for developing a favorable investment climate and improving Ukraine's image abroad, the Roundtable was focused on the Draft Law #7269 "On Regulation of Lobbying Activities in Ukraine” which is scheduled for consideration during the hearings of the Verkhovna Rada's Committee on State Development and Local Self-Governance in April 2012 (for more information on the aforesaid Draft Law please click here to see the Ukrainian and English versions).


The III GR-Congress was held in Moscow in November

On November 17, 2011, the Third GR Congress was held in Moscow and was attended by over a hundred people - public officials, practitioners of GR sector, researchers and academics. The event was organized by Russian Association of Communication and Center for Study of Interaction between Business and Government (More information on the portal

Need for lobbying regulation reform was discussed at the World Forum on Governance in Prague

From 9 to 11 November 2011 in Prague the First Annual World Forum on Governance took place with over 90 delegates attended. The event, initiated by the famous American think tank, Brookings, became a controversial platform for exchanging views and making recommendations on various aspects of both public and corporate governance, given the current global challenges.

Special attention in the Forum was paid to the interaction between public authorities, commercial companies and interest groups through lobbying and advocacy mechanisms, the study of positive and negative experiences of individual countries with the institutionalization of lobbying, the possibility of using such tools as part of anti-corruption policy.

Two students from Ukraine will participate in Public Affairs and Advocacy Institute in Washington, DC

Two Ukrainian students, Andriy Zablovskiy (Head of Secretariat of the Council of Entrepreneurs under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine) and Helen Sedykh (Ph.D. student at Ukrainian State University of Finance and International Trade) will participate in a two-week Public Affairs and Advocacy Institute at American University, in Washington, DC.

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