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Normative legal basis

The Constitution of Ukraine specifies that:

  • the only bearer of sovereignty and government in Ukraine are the people who realize their power both directly and through  institutions of the state and local self-rule (p.5);
  • national will is exercised through elections, referendums and other forms of direct democracy (p.69);
  • Verkhovna Rada meetings are conducted openly.  Closed meeting are designated as such by the decision of the majority in constitutionally defined terms (p.84).

The Constitution of Ukraine guarantees everyone the right to:

  • freedom of thought and speech, free expression of views and convictions (pt.1, article 34);
  • free collection, saving, use and spread of information verbally, in print, or in any other chosen form (pt.2,article 34);
  • freedom to join political parties and civic organizations for the fulfillment and protection of one’s rights and freedoms and the satisfaction of political, economic, social, cultural and other interests (p.36);
  • participate in the administration of state affairs (p.38);
  • gather peacefully,  without arms, to conduct meetings, marches and demonstrations (p.39);
  • to send individual or group written petitions or to turn individually to government institutions, local self-governing powers, as well as to their supervisors or employees (p.40);
  • employment and freedom to choose professions (p. 43);
  • for employed, the right to strike  to  protect their economic and social interests (p.44);
  • for all, the right to protect their rights and freedoms from violation and counter legal attempts (p.55).

Realizing lobbying in Ukraine is also partly regulated by Laws of Ukraine:

  1. On  charity and charitable organizations of 16 September  1997 No.531;
  2. On fighting corruption of 25 October 1995 No 356/95 VR;
  3. On state service of 16 December 2003 No 2713-XII;
  4. On printed media (press) in Ukraine of 16 November No782-XII;
  5. On principles of state  regulatory politics in economic sphere of 11 September 2003 No 1160-IV;
  6. On citizen petitions of 2 October 1996 No 393/96 VR;
  7. On information of 2 October 1992 No 2657-XII;
  8. On information agencies of 28 February 1995 No 74/95-VR;
  9. On Cabinet of Ministers of 16 May 2008 No. 279-VI;
  10. On Committees of  Verkhovna Rada of 4 April 1995 No 116/95-VR;
  11. On local state administrations of  9 April 1999 No 586-XIV;
  12. On local self-government in Ukraine of 21 May 1997 No 28097-VR;
  13. On youth and children civic organizations of 1 December 1998 No 281-XIV;
  14. On associations of citizens of 16 June 1992 No 2460-XII;
  15. On political parties of 5 April 2001 No 2365-III;
  16. On order of presenting the activity of government administrative organizations and local self-governing institutions in Ukraine by public media of 23 September 1997 No 539/97-VR;
  17. On professional unions, their rights and activity guarantees of 15 September 1999 No 1045-XIV;
  18. On service in local self-governing institutions of 7 June 2001 No 2493-III;
  19. On the status of local councils on 11 July 2002 No 93-IV;
  20. On the status of national deputies of Ukraine of 17 November 1992 no 2790-XII;
  21.  On TV and radio of 21 December 1993 No 3759-XII;
  22.  On trade-manufacturing associations in Ukraine on 2 December 1997 No 671/97-VR.
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