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Survey results of round table participants 26 February 2009 “Lobbying in Ukraine and abroad – experience, problems, perspectives”

1. How open is Ukrainian society to instituting legalization of lobbying in the current political legal reality?

Half of the survey participants believe that society is unprepared to institutionalizing lobbying at this point due to:

  • an ideological inertia of the negative stereotype perceptions about lobbying which date back to soviet times;
  • a lack of interest in clear lobbying rules from both  representatives of government as well as objects of the lobbying;
  • a lack of a societal understanding of the essence of this phenomenon and therefore a negative perception of it;
  • a low level of legal awareness and political culture among citizens.

Simultaneously, the rest of the participants in the survey positively assess the possibility of normalizing lobbying according to current politico-legal norms, defining them as a necessary pre-requisite for regaining citizen trust towards the state and a means of reducing the corruption level during the ratifying of normative-legal acts.   Yet, realistically, it is possible only if the negative attitude of citizens towards lobbying is overcome.   Regarding this, the surveyed felt that more attention should be accorded to the problem of lobbying as a legitimate and significant form of communication between government and society, rather than selectively focusing on publicizing lobby scandals.

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