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Draft law “On regulation of lobbying activity in Ukraine” was registered in Parliament

On October 20, Valeriy Konovaliuk, Party of Regions, registered in Ukraine’s Parliament a draft law “On regulation of lobbying activity in Ukraine.”

In the explanatory note it is stated that “the proposed law would regulate lobbying activity in Ukraine, which although it is not acknowledged by Ukrainian law, is operating in organs of government and local self-government authorities”

The project will result in the reduction of the number of corrupt and shady schemes of influence on the  activity of government representatives since any kind of contact of the lobbyists with  government or service personnel will be  done openly and the lobbyists themselves will have to report on their activities.  The draft law will also enable the development of civil society as well as the increase of the influence of citizens on government authorities by providing equal access of influence to various groups and social classes.

It is important to note that the proposed draft law contains fundamental norms, spelled out in the government darft law “On lobbying” but it also encompasses organs of local self-governance.