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March 12: a Roundtable on Institualization of Lobbying in Ukraine


On Monday, March 12th, the American Chamber of Commerce hosted a Roundtable “Institualization of Lobbying in Ukraine: Prospects for Adoption of Legislation” that was held in conjunction with the USAID - Ohio State University Parliamentary Development Program (PDP II), the Professional Lobbying and Advocacy Institute and Arzinger Law Firm.

Opening the event, Chamber's President Jorge Zukoski welcomed the participants and stated that proper legislative framework of the lobbying activities in Ukraine is crucially important for establishing a productive dialog between the business community and the government.


Since efficient and transparent dialogue between business and government is one of the pillars for developing a favorable investment climate and improving Ukraine's image abroad, the Roundtable was focused on the Draft Law #7269 "On Regulation of Lobbying Activities in Ukraine” which is scheduled for consideration during the hearings of the Verkhovna Rada's Committee on State Development and Local Self-Governance in April 2012 (for more information on the aforesaid Draft Law please click here to see the Ukrainian and English versions).


The event was led by Eleanor Valentine, PDP II Director in Ukraine, and revolved around the presentation delivered by number of state officials like Valeriy Konovaliuk and Anatoliy Horbatiuk, People's Deputies of Ukraine, Leonid Kozachenko of Council of Entrepreneurs under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Dennis Bazilevych ofParliamentary Development Program & Professional Lobbying and Advocacy Institute. Jock Mendoza-Wilson, Director of International and Investor Relations, System Capital Management, and Pavlo Khodakovsky of Arzinger presented the position of international business community in Ukraine.


After an extensive discussion during the questions and answers session participants agreed to finalize the outcomes of the roundtable and produce a number of recommendations based on the discussion.