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Mission and Goal

It is well known that in democratic developed countries government cannot exist isolated from civil institutions of society.  The depth and quality of these interactions influence the dynamic development of society as a whole. It is marked by the adequate reactions of the government institutions to the social needs on the micro and macro levels by means of the acceptance of passage of effective governing administrative decisions.

Influence on governing institutions to pass decisions favoring certain interest groups is an objective social process, the goal of which is to bring to the awareness of those in power the existence of problems and propositions for their solution.  This influence is necessary and useful if it is:

·        legitimate (within the law)

·        initiated by society

·        transparent

In international practice such influence is known as lobbying or advocacy depending on forms and means used to exert such influence.   However, there is no one universal approach to regulate such a politico-legal phenomenon.  In some countries, such activity is ruled by laws, in others there are various forms of self-regulation.  But it is clear that regulated lobbying plays a significant role in the development of social relations and minimizes corruption and its manifestations.

As known, in a Ukrainian situation, lobbying is called any type of influence (predominantly illegitimate) on governmental institutions with the purpose of “pushing through” someone’s commercial interests.  Actually, things should be properly named, and lobbying should not be confused with corruption or bribery. 

It is precisely due to the lack of any appropriate juridical regulations of this phenomenon that quasi-lobbying in Ukraine is perceived as an activity which is illegitimate, privy of a narrow circle and latent.  This, undoubtedly, nurtures its image of negative stereotypes in society’s consciousness.

Therefore, the main mission of the creation of the Professional Lobbying and Advocacy Institute as a non-profit organization  is to separate out legitimate from corrupt influences on the formation and realization of state policies through support of  bringing about  a legal definition and strengthening instituting lobbying in Ukraine .

To achieve this, the purpose of the Institute is to encourage the heightening of society’s understanding of the role and function of lobbying and advocacy in governmental administrations and in their effective utilization in solving significant socio-economic problems as well as creating an academic forum for conducting   a professional discussion about the possibilities of such activity in Ukraine.