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October 20: a Webinar with Brussels

The Professional Lobbying and Advocacy Institute held a Webinair on October 20, 2010 as part of its series to familiarize representatives of government agencies and community groups with experience abroad in regulating lobbying.

This time the focus turned to the interaction between government institutions, business and community in the European Union capital, Brussels.

Director of the Brussels Center of American University, Dr. Jerome Sheridan participated.  The effort was supported by the American Embassy in Ukraine and the Parliamentary Development Program II.

In his presentation Dr. Sheridan addressed such issue as: the procedure and particularities of ratifying decisions in the European Union; the instruments of influence exerted by lobbyists at every stage of the decision process, the effectiveness in the functioning of the voluntary registration of lobbyists, transparency and ethics in the lobbying process.

For transcript of Webinair:

Dr. Sheridan’s lecture available here

Download: Lobbying in the EU: An OverviewPetloonies and other distortions:  why the EU lobby register needs fixing