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Webinar with Poland was held in November

On November 10, the Professional Lobbying and Advocacy Institute continued its series on examining regulation of lobbying in countries abroad, by presenting a webinar with Polish scholar and lobbying expert Dr. Pawel Kuczma.

From the western democratic countries, Poland’s experience in regulating lobbying is most akin to Ukrainian reality.  It also provides an opportunity to study the effectiveness of the functioning of such an institution, legally registered since 2005.

The discussion with Dr. Kuczma demonstrated a very close similarity in the perception of lobbying by the peoples of both nations.  Many recommendations of the Polish expert can be useful in the development of the optimal format of regulating lobbying in Ukraine

This webinar was supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine, U.S. Embassy in Ukraine and the Parliamentary Development Project II.

Participants of the webinar included representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers and Parliament, community organizations, scholars and experts.