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Committee hearings will be held next year on draft law on lobbying

At its meeting on December 22, 2010, VR Committee for State Development and Local Self-Governance decided to conduct Committee hearings next year to discuss draft law "On Regulation of Lobbying Activities in Ukraine" with representatives of executive authorities, Ukrainian and foreign experts, NGOs etc. Special working group will be formed to ensure an appropriate level of preparations. 

Webinar with Poland was held in November

On November 10, the Professional Lobbying and Advocacy Institute continued its series on examining regulation of lobbying in countries abroad, by presenting a webinar with Polish scholar and lobbying expert Dr. Pawel Kuczma.

From the western democratic countries, Poland’s experience in regulating lobbying is most akin to Ukrainian reality.  It also provides an opportunity to study the effectiveness of the functioning of such an institution, legally registered since 2005.

Draft law “On regulation of lobbying activity in Ukraine” was registered in Parliament

On October 20, Valeriy Konovaliuk, Party of Regions, registered in Ukraine’s Parliament a draft law “On regulation of lobbying activity in Ukraine.”

In the explanatory note it is stated that “the proposed law would regulate lobbying activity in Ukraine, which although it is not acknowledged by Ukrainian law, is operating in organs of government and local self-government authorities”

October 20: a Webinar with Brussels

The Professional Lobbying and Advocacy Institute held a Webinair on October 20, 2010 as part of its series to familiarize representatives of government agencies and community groups with experience abroad in regulating lobbying.

This time the focus turned to the interaction between government institutions, business and community in the European Union capital, Brussels.

Training in Dnipropetrovsk region for activists of the All-Ukrainian Union of Civic Organizations of Invalids in Ukraine

The Professional Lobbying and Advocacy Institute (PLAI), supported by the International Republican Institute of United States, held a training on 1-5 October 2010 at the Novomorskyi Sanatorium (Orlovshchyna village, Dnipropetrovsk region). It was held for leaders and activists of the All-Ukrainian Union of Civic Organizations of Invalids in Ukraine and was attended by some 70 people from all regions of Ukraine.

PLAI was represented by its Board Member, law candidate Volodymyr Nesterovych  who lectured on theoretical issues and moderated workshops.

Basic goals were to familiarize training participants with the practice of lobbying institution and the ability to separate it out from other forms of citizen influence of society and the ratification of normative – legal acts and to develop lobbying methods to develop algorithms of lobbying activity by working on specific practical assignments.

16 September 2010: “Principles of regulating lobbying in USA. Recommendations for Ukraine” A video conference from Washington, DC

On 16 September 2010, the first of a series of videoconferences on the regulation of lobbying activity took place in the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv.

Professor James Thurber, guest in the Washington studio, is a noted expert  on  political administrative systems, director of Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies and founder of the Public Affairs and Advocacy Institute at American University, Washington, DC.  In 2009 Dr. Thurber participated as a foreign expert in a conference organized by Ukraine’s Ministry of Justice on examining the Ukrainian draft law  “On Lobbying” (see biographical note).

This event was supported by U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, Fulbright Program in Ukraine and Parliamentary Development Program II.

Evaluation of lobbying reforms undertaken by the Obama administration

  • Historical background/Scholarly Background

James Thurber of American University conducted an analysis of Obama policies regarding his efficiency of regulating lobby activity in USA.  Following is a presentation of a videoconference held 0n l6 September 2010 on “Principles of regulating lobbying in USA.  Recommendations for Ukraine.”

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Videoconference series on experience of foreign countries in regulating lobbying

Professional Lobbying and Advocacy Institute is starting a series of videoconferences and web debates with leading international scholars and experts on lobbying and citizen representation.

Sessions will present leading foreign experience in regulating lobbying, methods of counteracting conflicts of interest and the principles of a code of ethics.  Representatives of state government institutions who serve as expert reviewers of draft law  “On lobbying.”  Others may register by completing the appropriate form online.

Please check for announcements.

You can find out about the project “On Lobbying” right here.

Jock Mendoza-Wilson, Senior Institute Advisor

Director of International and Investor Relations

System Capital Management

Jock Mendoza-Wilson has been SCM's Director of International and Investor Relations since December 2006.

SCM invited him to the position of Director of Corporate Communications in 2005.

In 2004 Mr Mendoza-Wilson worked for international communications consultancy Mmd as the Regional Director for Eastern Europe.

From 1999 to 2004 Jock Mendoza-Wilson was with Promoseven Weber Shandwick PR in Dubai where he worked as Regional Director covering the Middle East and North Africa. He advised the US government on aspects of their public diplomacy programme in the Middle East and provided recommendations to other governments in the region.

In 1989 Mr Mendoza-Wilson founded his own public relations consultancy in London where he dealt with litigation, public affairs and corporate communications.

He started his career in Ford Europe in 1984 and in 1985 moved to Haymarket, the largest publishing company in the United Kingdom.

His responsibilities include development and implementation of communications strategies as well as realization of communication programmes for establishing contacts with governmental structures, financial institutions, international media and other organizations.

In 1984 Jock Mendoza-Wilson graduated from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh with a degree in Economics.

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